A Common Lotto Mistake – Choosing Dates As Lotto Numbers Satta Matka

Using dates for lottery numbers has become common practice for some lottery players. Not the best idea, as this article explains.

In lottery drawing after drawing, people create their wagers using family birthdays, anniversaries and dates that commemorate some personally important or famous event. The idea is that these dates brought them luck before and, therefore, it will happen again. After all, these were the luckiest days in their lives. But, instead of improving their chances of winning the lottery, this lottery approach has the exact opposite effect.

For example, when using this lottery strategy, you are only playing lottery numbers 1 through 31. So, as long as you are playing the MN531, WI531, WildCard531, PA530 or WV625, this lottery strategy at least has a chance. But, these lotteries are the only ones in North America where that is true. Matka By using this approach in the other 70 lotteries you have either committed Hari-kari or, at the very least, shot yourself in the foot.

Here’s the Hari-kari scenario. If you’re playing the NY659 or the Powerball 5/59 lottery, using dates as lottery numbers would be a big mistake. Because, over 47% of the lottery numbers, from 32 through 59, will never appear in any of your wagers. But, on the average, almost half of the lottery numbers drawn will come from that group. Therefore, you would have seriously reduced your chances of winning the lottery. You’ve taken yourself out of the running.

Allow me put an exclamation point on that statement. In the last 200 drawings of the NY659 there was only one winning ticket in which all of the numbers were between 1 and 31. Therefore, you were in the running to win the lottery a miserably unimpressive 0.5% of the time. You had no chance of winning in 199 of those 200 drawings.

Here’s the shooting yourself in the foot scenario. Now, as the size of the lottery becomes smaller, 54, 49, 47, 44, 40, etc., the amount of negative impact is lessened. For example, in the last 740 drawings of the NJ540 lottery, 23% of the winning numbers contained only numbers less than or equal to 31. That doesn’t sound too bad. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. But, in 77% of the drawings you didn’t have a chance of winning the lottery. You can’t blame bad luck. You’re strategy took you out of the running. You shot yourself in the foot.

I hope that some of you will listen to this advice. But, some will continue doing this. I wish them well. I hope they all win the big one. But, what I am about, what all of my articles are about is to increase your chances of winning the lottery in as many drawings as possible. Each drawing is an opportunity and life is too short to let even one go by.

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